Sunday, February 24, 2013

StarWright - Micro Commands

"Micro commands" are special commands for power players that allow players to micromanage the behavior of their ship's crew and systems. The only current use for micro commands is to command your ship's weapons to focus-fire on a specific part of an enemy ship.

A micro command to focus-fire on an enemy ship's part is issued by holding the alt key and right-clicking on the enemy part. Additional micro commands can be queued up by holding shift in addition to alt while right-clicking.

Monday, February 18, 2013

StarWright - Better Commands

Players have for a while now been able to give both move commands and attack commands to ships, but until now haven't been able to queue up multiple commands or tweak commands already-given. These two new features really help make commands more flexible and useful.

Queuing up multiple commands to be executed in sequence is easy. Simply give the first command and then hold the shift key while giving each additional command. It looks like this:

Adjusting an already-queued command is also pretty easy. While holding shift, rotator and mover widgets will be displayed. Simply click and drag on one of the four arrows to rotate the ship, or click and drag the center widget to move the ship.

This also of course works for attack commands too. Clicking and dragging the center widget will adjust the distance and direction of attack. Clicking and dragging one of the four arrows allows you to choose what flank your ship will fire from, which was previously not able to be manually set.