Sunday, December 6, 2015

StarWright 0.2.0 series

Since I last posted, I have released not one, not two, but nine new builds of StarWright!

Most of these updates have been to fix bugs that people have found. (Indeed, the game is feeling *much* more stable than 0.1.0 did; there are, literally, no known bugs right now.)

One of those nine new builds was 0.2.0, which includes not just bug fixes but also a handful of other improvements. Here's a summary of the juiciest bits:

  • When a part is destroyed, it no longer spawns one structure piece occupying the entire area of the destroyed part. It now spawns one structure piece per tile, each of which can be destroyed individually. This looks better than stretching the structure graphic over the entire area of the original part, and it feels less weird as well. It also paves the way for some future features I want to add that relate to being able to watch a ship build to your specifications rather than it updating instantly.
  • Probably the biggest usability issue of the previous versions was that, in order to target a specific part of an enemy ship, you had to hold the alt key while right-clicking on the part you wanted to target. This was not intuitive, and the only way you could figure it out was either accidentally or reading the online bullet points that substitute for not having a manual. So now you no longer have to hold the 'alt' key to target a specific part. Simply right-click to target an enemy ship, and then right-click again on a specific part to target that part.
  • In order to destroy an enemy ship in the regular Bounty mode, you now only have to destroy its Reactor instead of both the Reactor and Control Room. I think that it was confusing having to destroy both, and players have told me that they find the reactor a more naturally explosive target. Plus, only having to destroy the reactor makes taking out the control room first a more interesting decision.

There's tons more changes and fixes, almost all of which I list in the patch notes.

I'll leave you with this screenshot of one of my favorite ships I've made: