Monday, February 7, 2011

Starship Builder - Guns & Asteroids

This past week I added cannons and asteroids to my "Starship Builder" game prototype. Cannons are a new piece that can be added to ship designs, and asteroids are targets for the cannons to shoot at.

A ship brimming with cannons:

And the same ship blowing up some asteroids:

You can download PC and Mac builds of this new version and try it out for yourself!

Here are all the big changes from the previous version that I can think of:

  • You can now add cannons to your ship in the builder.
  • In the simulator, press R to spawn an asteroid at the mouse cursor.
  • If an asteroid hits your ship, it will do serious damage!
  • Parts of your ship can be destroyed by asteroids, and your ship can actually break into multiple pieces!
  • Right-click in the simulator to move your ship. (Hold and drag to adjust orienation.)
  • Left-click on an asteroid to target that asteroid specifically. Otherwise your weapons will automatically target nearby asteroids.

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