Thursday, May 10, 2012

StarWright - CPU Profiling

When programming video games, it's very important to understand how much time your computer's processor is spending in various parts of the game's code. In order to better understand StarWright's code, I added a CPU profiler to my game engine to display graphically how much time is being spent in each section of code.

Here's what that profiler looks like: (Click to see full-size version.)

Each row of text represents a single section of code that is being measured. A section of code may also have a number of "sub-sections", which are indented in the above picture.

The colored bars indicate the "slices" of the game frame that are spent in each code section. You can think of the left edge of the profiler as representing the beginning of the frame, the right edge as representing the end of the frame, and the colored bars as representing the time within the frame that is spent on a specific task.

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