Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Cosmoteer 0.12.9 - A ton of bug fixes!

These past few weeks have seen an absolutely massive increase in the number of people playing Cosmoteer! There used to be less than a hundred players per day, but now there are more than ten thousand! That's amazing!

What's not so amazing are all the bugs that people are now finding in the game. (It turns out that when ten thousand people play your game, they find all the bugs...)

And so I present to you Cosmoteer version 0.12.9, which is just chock full of fixes for many of those bugs that people have found in the past couple of weeks.

Also, the number of bugs that have been caused by new updates has convinced me that from now on I should do more testing before I release updates to everyone. To that end, I am planning, for most updates, to first release what I'm calling "unstable release candidates" that any interested players can opt-in to playing, with the understanding that these unstable versions are likely to be more buggy than the "official" stable updates. As 0.12.9 you can opt-in to unstable updates in the settings under the "Misc" tab. Hopefully this extra testing by the community will make the official updates much more stable.

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